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Affiliate Partners Programme

Welcome to our Affiliate Partners Programme.

The cabtree.com affiliate partner programme has a demonstrated track record of great potential. cabtree provides Hassle free One Stop Shop to book the most efficient minicab, whenever and wherever you are, no need to track down local minicab numbers. We have standard and lowest fares; you will not have to deal with various dodgy fares for the same journey. Our fare starts from £1.9 per mile, which is not only a lot cheaper than Black Cab, but also cheaper than most minicab services in the area.

We arrange quick & best Minicab for you in minutes from our 350 plus registered Licensed Cab Offices (PHV) in London only 24/7, no long waits. When you Book with us, the most efficient and nearest licensed minicab service will assist on one lowest rate.

Click here to download our Business Card (vCard) in .vcf format and save in your phone or email contacts.

Click here to download our leaflet and display printed leaflet on your notice board.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact our Customer Services Team on 020 3000 7676 or email support@cabtree.com.